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Snap Dock: The Game-Changer in Modular Floating Docks

Best practices to help you create the highest quality podcasts in the least possible time.

My aim, right here, is to help you to create a podcast in the shortest time possible.

And I’m not just talking about any old podcast. I mean a great podcast. Your best possible podcast!

Because this is where so many people get caught out. It’s where shows go to die. The podcaster spends too much time making every episode. So much that it just doesn’t fit into their week or even their life. By that point, it just drains all the fun and value out of the entire show!

Of course, it’s worth noting that different types of shows take different amounts of time to produce (go ask an audio drama producer how much time they spend on dialogue editing alone!). And sometimes, spending more time on your show can improve the quality, or what you get out of it. But, that’s only if you spend that time on the right stuff. And I believe it’s possible to do those right things in far less time than you think.

So that’s what I’ll do in this article: show you the best of those “right things” and help you create the best possible product in the least possible time.

Who I Am and What You’ll Learn

By way of a quick “who the heck’s this guy?”: my name is Colin Gray, and I’m a podcaster, writer, teacher, and general dogsbody at The Podcast Host. We create a network of our own shows and help thousands of others produce their own through our content.

Plus, we run a podcast maker tool called Alitu. The whole purpose behind Alitu is to offer recording, editing, and publishing tools that automate and simplify, making it far quicker and easier to create your show. And a lot of that is based on the “right ways” that I’ll talk about here.

Over the past ten years, I’ve gone from fitting a podcast around a completely different normal job (teaching teachers how to teach — meta, huh?), to trying to fit as many podcasts as possible into my current job and designing tools to help others do it quicker!

It was all about cutting out the cruft and figuring out what’s really worthwhile in creating a high-quality, successful show. I’ll talk about all those insights here, including:

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