Port Coupler Set


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The Snap Dock’s Port Coupler Set (SKU: CPLR-PORT-GR) consists of three essential components: two Couplers, a Port Coupler Short Bolt, and a Coupler Nut, securely fastened together using the Drive Tool. Crafted from a durable rubber composite, this unique combination ensures that each coupler is strong, flexible, and lightweight, guaranteeing outstanding performance even in the most extreme weather conditions. Additionally, a notable feature and benefit of the couplers is their inherent buoyancy, which allows them to float, further enhancing the product’s versatility and functionality. Moreover, the coupler system not only reinforces the structural integrity of any dock but also enhances its overall aesthetics by seamlessly blending in with the dock sections and components.



Engineered Rubber




(1) NUT-GR



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